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Our best tips on keeping your car clean & clutter-free!

Many adults spend hours at a time in their cars, driving to and from work or acting as taxi to kids. This means that clutter and rubbish can accumulate faster than you expect, and this process is often difficult to avoid, especially with a hectic and busy lifestyle. However, the fact that cars are a place in which adults spend a lot of their day should mean that they are as inviting and clean as possible. Here are some tips on how to keep your car clean.


Hoover regularly

Keeping your car clean could be as simple as using a small handheld hoover and running it over the seats and floors once a week. If you have a spare minute, pay close attention to the driver’s side, as this is the seat that is always used and is most likely to host the most dust and debris.


Use rubber mats

Some car floor mats can show wear and tear very quickly, and despite being purchased to keep the car floor free from dirt, can actually contribute to the cluttered look and feel of your car. Using rubber mats can combat this issue, as these are more hard wearing and last longer. Rubber can also be cleaned easier than other materials, keeping the floors of your cars clean and looking neat.


Stock up on towels or seat covers for pets

Taking pets to the beach or local park in the car can be a great day out for everyone involved – everyone except your car. Make sure you have either a good seat cover or a large towel handy to drape over the back seat or the floor of the boot to prevent any mud, sand or any other mess transferring from your pet to the upholstery. This will keep the fabric inside your car car clean.


Invest in a boot tidy

The boot of your car can be the most cluttered and hard to clean area in the whole car – usually this is because nobody has to sit here and so we throw in anything, from garden waste to old furniture on a trip to the tip. A boot tidy (some can even be made to fit the specific measurements of your boot) will keep things organised and help you determine what needs to be thrown out and what needs to be kept.


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