What to do if your car breaks down

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What to do if your car breaks down

If your car breaks down, it’s important not to panic. Depending on where you are and how busy the roads are, it can be quick and easy to get your car back on the road. It’s very important to keep yourself safe, and remove your vehicle from other vehicles’ path. Try your best to eliminate any potential dangers, no matter where you break down.

On the motorway

If your car breaks down on the motorway, there are certain steps you need to take to keep you and other drivers safe. The motorway is the most dangerous place to break down, due to the speed at which you and other drivers travel. Firstly, if it’s an emergency, pull over onto the hard shoulder to ensure that you’re out of harms way and are not obstructing any part of the motorway. Stop as far to the left as possible and put your hazard lights on. If you need to leave the vehicle, always use the left hand side of the car and keep as far away from other moving vehicles as possible. Do not attempt to repair the car yourself – the best thing you can do is call a breakdown service as soon as possible when your car breaks down. If you can’t get to the hard shoulder, do not leave your vehicle under any circumstances. Put your hazards on, keep your seatbelt fastened and call the emergency services for help.

On a road

It’s much safer for you and others when your car breaks down on a road as opposed to a motorway – but, unfortunately, we can’t plan these things! If your car breaks down on a road, move your car off the road if you can, being wary of any soft ground that could make it difficult to get going again. Make sure your hazard lights are on, just like on the motorway. On a road, it’s usually much safer to wait away from the car and other moving vehicles, and if you can find some sort of barrier to wait behind, even better. You can put a warning triangle down if you have one, at least 45m behind the vehicle. If you need help, call a breakdown service to come and assist you. On a road, you can attempt to work out the problem on your own, but if you can’t, make sure you get some professional help instead of trying to do it all yourself.
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